Who We Are
We were at one time individuals who were desperately lonely, even though most of us had a few friends. Some of us were educated and successful in what we did, and some of us had failed miserably. We come from various places and we have done many things trying to make sense out of our lives. Yet no matter what we did, we were left feeling empty and deficient. We struggled for money and acceptance and whatever else we thought could restore to us the promise of life. Some of us had dreams of a better life, but most of us had put away our dreams with the rest of the toys of childhood, settling instead for cynicism and compromise and for many of us, numbness. We were lost, broken, and without direction.
Then breaking into our darkness, a light came, exposing our emptiness and offering us hope! The truth of God’s reality became for us something unmistakable, undeniable! Very clearly we began to understand that we were sinners and Jesus had, by his death on a cross, saved us from our sin and a destiny of eternal misery. God Almighty, who governs the universe and whose power is incomprehensible, became a man, identified himself with broken sinful creatures, allowed that rebellious people to crucify him, in order that he might reconcile them to himself. God in the person of his Son, substituted himself in our place, endured the wrath of God that we deserved for our sin, so that he could justify us; he could declare us innocent, free from guilt!
So now having been restored to relationship with God, we have been reconciled to one another. No longer does color or class, education, position, status or where we came from separate us. Now together we love and serve and give and sacrifice that we might represent Him in this community!
Now compelled by Christ’s love, the motive for our lives has been turned from one of living selfishly to one of living for others. And we are persuaded that by the demonstration of our new life in Christ and our new life together, we can put on display something of Christ’s glory and grace.
We are excited – no thrilled, to invite you to join us in sharing a life together with him!